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Genitourinary Pathology

Orin Buetens, M.D.
Stephen Pfister, M.D.
Marek Skacel, M.D.

Dahl-Chase Pathology has three pathologists with additional training and expertise in Genito-urinary(GU) pathology as well as pathologists with many years of experience in GU pathology. One pathologist, Stephen Pfister, M.D., practiced urology for 9 years followed by pathology training. Two pathologists, Orin Buetens, M.D. and Marek Skacel, M.D., have training and experience from Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic respectively. Prostate needle biopsies are routinely reviewed by a second pathologist to confirm a malignant diagnosis and to review for small, inconspicuous abnormalities. Immunohistochemical (IHC) stains are used when appropriate to confirm small carcinomas.

The Molecular Pathology division at Dahl-Chase offers the use of florescence in situ hybridization on voided urine for the identification of bladder carcinoma (UroVysion FISH). This test is useful in further evaluation of atypical urine cytology and in identifying early recurrence of bladder cancer.

The pathologists at Dahl Chase have a long standing commitment to direct contact with the referring Urologist/Physician. Regular GU pathology conferences are held on site and open communication with clinicians to discuss problematic cases occurs frequently. This collaboration with clinicians helps us to achieve outstanding patient care.